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General Terms and Conditions

The Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) and the County of Maui Office of Economic Development has provided this HOʻOULU MAUI NUI BUSINESS DIRECTORY as a resource for the community.  In consideration of the provision of this online resource, Business Contributor covenants and agrees to the following terms and conditions in the participation in and use of the website, www.HoouluMauiNui.com.  

Business Contributors must comply with COUNTY OF MAUI PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY RULES and any subsequent amendments.

Some participating businesses may not currently be open or may close temporarily or permanently due to the evolving public health crisis, its financial implications, and/or governmental rules, orders, and directives.  In no event does MEDB and the County provide any assurances with respect to a business’ status.  MEDB and the County expressly disclaims any liability with respect to purchases made based on services/products shared on this website.  All users of this Website agree to the HOʻOULU MAUI NUI BUSINESS DIRECTORY GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The COUNTY OF MAUI’S PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY RULES may be of use in determining which businesses are currently open.

MEDB and the County does not endorse the content or make any assurances as to the accuracy of any listing or external website.  The County is not responsible and expressly disclaims all liability for, damages of any kind, arising out of the use, reference to, or reliance on, any information or business listed throughout the Website.

While information may be periodically updated, no guarantee is given that the details provided are correct, complete or current.  It is the Business Contributor’s responsibility to notify MEDB when its status or point of contact has changed, or modifications are necessary.  By contributing any information, including text, graphics or photos; Business Contributor grants MEDB and the County permission, free of charge, to modify the material to the extent permitted by law. Business Contributor guarantees that all information provided is its own original work and complies with all applicable Federal, State, and County laws, rules, regulations, licensing requirements, applicable accreditation and other standards of quality generally accepted in the field of Business Contributor’s activities.  Business Contributor attests and guarantees that it has the right to provide the County with permission to use the information provided for purposes of the Website.

To the extent permitted by law, Business Contributor shall indemnify, defend, release, and hold harmless MEDB, the County, its officers, agents, and employees from and against any and all manner of action and claim arising, either directly or indirectly, out of or resulting from the errors, omissions, or acts of Business Contributor, its officers, employees, or agents occurring during, or in connection with, the participation in or use of the Website. Business Contributor’s obligations under this section shall survive and shall continue to be binding upon Business Contributor notwithstanding the expiration, termination or surrender of the Website.

Business Contributor shall strictly comply with its articles of incorporation and/or bylaws and all relevant County, State and Federal rules and regulations concerning Business Contributor's policies and operations.

Business Contributor shall not discriminate in the hiring of staff, compensation, terms or conditions of employment of individuals, use of volunteers, or delivery of client services on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, race, color, religion or disability.  Business Contributor shall comply with all applicable Federal and State laws prohibiting discrimination.

Business Contributor shall not use the Website to recruit or convert a person to a new faith, institution, or cause.

Business Contributor shall not use the Website for lobbying purposes or activities.

Business Contributor shall comply with all applicable Federal, State and County laws, rules, regulations, licensing requirements, applicable accreditation and other standards of quality generally accepted in the field of Business Contributor's activities. In the event a Business Contributor fails to adhere to any of the conditions of the Website, MEDB and the County may withdraw any part or all of the Business Contributor’s information or submissions to the Website at the County’s sole discretion and without advance notice.  

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